Spring And Summer PSA: Watch for burrowed bunnies on your lawn

Spring And Summer PSA: Watch for burrowed bunnies on your lawn
June 4, 2021

Since the weather is getting nice again, we should remind everyone to check their yard for bunny nests prior to mowing the lawn.

A picture of a dead patch caused by a bunny burrow

Rabbits build shallow nests just below or on the surface of grassy areas. Most commonly the build near bushes, or trees, but are not limited to those areas. These nests tend to look like patches of dead grass or “dead spots” in your yard. Underneath these patches will be the babies. They are covered up to be protected until they’re ready.

A close up of a dead patch, showing the rabbits underneath

The photos of these nests are provided courtesy of Snow White Rescue so that everyone can be aware of what they look like and what to look out for.

A look at baby rabbits inside of a warren

Please refrain from going near or picking up wild Rabbits as they very easily suffer heart attacks when frightened.

Keeping pets away from the nest area until babies are grown is also encouraged and these are wild animals, not domesticated pets.

A close up of baby rabbits in their warren

If you are serious about adopting a bunny, please check out those available through Georgia Rabbit House Society.